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Canadian Text Message Stats

2011-08-19 11:04:23

Canadian Text Message Stats:

Canadians sent 16.4 billion person-to-person text messages in Q4 2010, representing a 15% growth over the 14.2 billion text messages sent in Q3 2010.
5.8 billion person-to-person text messages were sent in December 2010 alone, which represents an average of more than 186 million messages per day.
In December 2010, an average of 235 person-to-person text messages were sent per subscriber per month.
Total text messages sent in 2010 numbered 56.4 billion, a 60% increase over the 2009 total of 35.3 billion messages.
Canadians sent and received a total of 626 million text messages using Common Short Codes in Q4 2010, marking a 12% increase over the 560 million messages sent and received in Q3 2010.
A total of 2.3 billion Common Short Code messages were sent and received by Canadians in 2010, representing a 36% increase over the 2009 total of 1.7 billion messages.